How to make a catchy resume?

January 14, 2008

Going to represent yourself in an organization to prove your expertise. There are couple of questions considering them will really make a big difference in projecting the real you in front of any organizations.

  • Do you have enough information to showcase your expertise?
  • Is your information nicely formatted?
  • Are you filling the right information relevant to the job you are applying for?
  • Can you share your resume with your friends?

Your resume is not only a piece of paper having your educational qualification, and your interests and hobbies. It’s the medium which delivers information about you before you can elaborate on them; obviously when you are shortlisted for the personal interview.

Years long it has been a problem for the new intruders in the battle of getting a perfect job(whom we know as FRESHERS in the corporate-jungle).

Placing the right information in the right block has always been a trick to get to the job that you want or the suitable one for you. That is what we refer as formatting of the resume. So place the right information in the right block where it i needed.

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