Twitter down?

August 6, 2009

Is twitter down today? It’s giving me Transaction timed out error and its’ not opening.


IBM, Sun Microsystems Deal Could Create High Tech Juggernaut

March 19, 2009

With a reported $6.5 billion cash offer on the table for Sun Microsytems, IBM would be well positioned to snag significant market share in enterprise server hardware and software, particularly in Linux and Java software for Web application development. The deal would also give IBM a leg up in the data storage, government systems and telecommunications markets.

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Keynote Test Perspective: Quick points on Load Testing

September 19, 2008

Guys, just jotting the quick points from the presentation on load testing, sitting at conference room(will continue on Monday.)

  • Load testing is end to end performance test under anticipated production load
  • load testing is critical for any website that serves high density of traffic.
  • load testing validates the justification of website infrastructure changes which organization makes time to time

best practices

  • do not be assured of the previous site performance
  • do not hesitate to test from multiple locations
  • do not assume the user type, there are both type of users- patience packed and patience un-packed

Why terrorists attack soft targets?

July 28, 2008

We have had three waves of anger among the Indian Muslim youth — the first was after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and the second after the Gujarat riots of 2002. These waves have since dissipated. Since last year, one has been noticing a fresh wave of anger after the convictions of a number of Muslims by a Mumbai court in the Mumbai blasts of March, 1993. A common theme in all their Internet chatter is what they see as the inherent unfairness of the Indian criminal justice system towards Muslims.

While taking strong action against the terrorists, whoever they are, it is important to address this perception that our criminal justice system is unfair to Muslims.

July 25 @ Bangalore- The BLAST-ing day

July 28, 2008

The eight blasts that rocked Bengaluru on July 25 points to high orchestration, but low intensity. The blasts reportedly took place within about 12 minutes at around 1-30 pm, that is after the Friday’s mid-day namaz in the local mosques.

The high orchestration used in timing five to six blasts, with some precision, resembled the serial blasts in Jaipur in May last year and in three towns of Uttar Pradesh in November.

While timers were used to activate the improvised explosive devices, the explosive material used does not appear to have been of a sophisticated kind. Ammonium nitrate, mixed with a booster, was the preferred explosive in previous terrorist incidents, but one does not know whether ammonium nitrate was used in the Bengaluru blasts too.

Some TV reports speak of the possible use of gelatin sticks. If so, these blasts would resemble, from the point of view of the composition of the IEDs, the serial blasts in Coimbatore carried out by Al Ummah, a Muslim extremist organisation of South India, in February 1998 to protest against the alleged police excesses against Muslim youth after the demolition of the Babri Masjid. Investigation into the Coimbatore blasts showed that Muslim youth had fabricated the IEDs with the help of explosive material stolen from the quarries of south India.

From preliminary reports, one could make the following surmise: firstly, the terrorists did not want to cause mass casualties; secondly, Bengaluru has the largest concentration of foreign businessmen and experts, but they did not want to target them; thirdly, they did not want to target the foreign tourists either.

Celebrate Valentine’s Week With One You LOVE Most

February 8, 2008

The month of February has always been much awaited for the love-birds. Folks make your Valentine’s week a memorable day and gift the moment of love to your loveables. Here’s a quick walk through the whole week:

February 7th Rose day- Gift her a rose and show the passion of your love.
February 8th Propose day- Express your love by telling him/her how much you love.

February 9th Chocolate day- This goes for boys, go get her a choco treat and make her feel cozy 🙂

February 10 th Teddy day- The cute one.

February 11 th Promise day- The day to make the eternal promise of love and togetherness.

February 12 th Kiss day- The tenderness which makes you feel loved.

February 13 th Hug day- Hug him/her and give a feeling of forever protection and shelter in your arms.

February 14 th Valentine day- The final day to be together and stay together in love forever.

Social Media and Networking, how much impact it has on Indian community?

February 7, 2008

Networking on the net isn’t new; there have been so many sites bringing friends together, dating and matrimonial and even business networking sites; but suddenly there is hush hush about the user generated content(UGC). Content communities, social and business networking are emerging all over the net. What brought about the change?
If I start mentioning about UGC sites then it would take me pages to jot about them but to name few, there are several sites those who have been so very well performed to serve the user to broadcast or showcase their content on the net. YouTube and MySpace are most extensive examples driven on:
1. Broadband.
2. Content already there, present it in a social format.

The impact on the community is to identify the difference between the approach to en-cash the concept of social networking and community content. Google AdSense and several ads publishers/sponsors gives a good start to develop around the social networking concept. It’s a good option to start the transactions but may not be a possible option always.

There are so many social networking sites approaching the common goal; being social but there’s a thin line in this game that has to be drawn. I call this forecast an eagle-eye, developing a content oriented site where networking should be a mean of sharing or making the content social but NOT the end. Be more polite, networking should not be end but it should be a medium of content oriented sites.

So what would be main ingredients in making of a successful community? Obviously, understanding one’s pain would always be highlighted and then throwing them the options as solution to their pain has always a good impact. That’s what is needed to translate the impact in a successful community. The main ingredients or key bullet points would be:
1. Understanding your user and their needs(the pain)
2. Offering a simple but targeted product/service
3. Go social(Log on….log on…log on)

Creating a forum and discussion board to observe the conversation may be easy but on the community scales it may be tough. We need multimedia capabilities and user engagement(user activity) to involve more(go social).