Social Media and Networking, how much impact it has on Indian community?

February 7, 2008

Networking on the net isn’t new; there have been so many sites bringing friends together, dating and matrimonial and even business networking sites; but suddenly there is hush hush about the user generated content(UGC). Content communities, social and business networking are emerging all over the net. What brought about the change?
If I start mentioning about UGC sites then it would take me pages to jot about them but to name few, there are several sites those who have been so very well performed to serve the user to broadcast or showcase their content on the net. YouTube and MySpace are most extensive examples driven on:
1. Broadband.
2. Content already there, present it in a social format.

The impact on the community is to identify the difference between the approach to en-cash the concept of social networking and community content. Google AdSense and several ads publishers/sponsors gives a good start to develop around the social networking concept. It’s a good option to start the transactions but may not be a possible option always.

There are so many social networking sites approaching the common goal; being social but there’s a thin line in this game that has to be drawn. I call this forecast an eagle-eye, developing a content oriented site where networking should be a mean of sharing or making the content social but NOT the end. Be more polite, networking should not be end but it should be a medium of content oriented sites.

So what would be main ingredients in making of a successful community? Obviously, understanding one’s pain would always be highlighted and then throwing them the options as solution to their pain has always a good impact. That’s what is needed to translate the impact in a successful community. The main ingredients or key bullet points would be:
1. Understanding your user and their needs(the pain)
2. Offering a simple but targeted product/service
3. Go social(Log on….log on…log on)

Creating a forum and discussion board to observe the conversation may be easy but on the community scales it may be tough. We need multimedia capabilities and user engagement(user activity) to involve more(go social).


Sony uses social media

February 6, 2008

Social media such as social networking sites and blogs, in particular, are being used to spread the buzz. Sony Entertainment Television (SET) India took this route when it launched its comedy reality show, Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1.

Albert Almeida, executive vice-president and business head, SET India, says, “The idea was to cash in on UGC (user-generated content) that refers to various kinds of media content, which is publicly available and which is produced by end users… The response to this site has been tremendous in terms of page views and reach.”

According to Saurabh Gupta, chief executive officer of Phonethics, Mian Fekoo has already posted about two lakh entries on social media sites in the last six months, so people were familiar with it. “The character acted as a brand ambassador in endorsing the show. On Facebook, Mian Fekoo has 130 friends, and we received about one lakh visits to the blog during the campaign.”

Though the campaign ended in January, Mian Fekoo is still alive and kicking and continues to add postings on the blog. The character will continue creating content on various sites, says Gupta, and may be licensed to other advertisers in the future.

Rising rupee against the dollar, pay back by your job

February 5, 2008

How far is this justified that if rupee rises against the dollar then you have to compensate this by your job? Sounds stupid right, but it’s being happening all over.

India’s leading software services firm Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) said on Tuesday that about 500 of its employees were asked to look for another job after their performance was rated poorly.

The export-driven software services companies have been winning large outsourcing contracts from western clients, but recession fears in the US and a rising rupee against the dollar has considerably affected their profit margins in the recent past.

“Those who cannot meet the performance requirements of our company were asked to look for another job commensurate with their abilities,” TCS spokesman Pradipta Bagchi said here.

Whose Mumbai is it? India says everybody’s

February 5, 2008

In the past two days cosmopolitan Mumbai has witnessed ugly parochialism. Political mobs loyal to Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray targetted North Indians on the streets, taxi drivers were attacked and their taxis are burnt, passengers on trains were roughed up and even Amitabh Bachchan’s residence came under attack, only because the victims hail from North India.

Activists were protesting the violence against north Indians living in Mumbai.

Are North Indians still outsiders in Mumbai? That was the question discussed on CNN-IBN show Face the Nation conducted by Sagarika Ghose. Look political leaders giving fake justifications to their shortcomings.

1. Who is responsible?

Is the party nurturing a victim mentality within the North Indian community in order to win votes? Is Raj Thackeray trying to repeat Bal Thackeray’s strategy?

2. Vote bank politics?

Are two politically insignificant forces – MNS and Samajwadi party in Maharashtra simply playing a game for votes?

3. Damage control

Deshmukh also explained the initiatives that the state government was taking to bring the communities together.

4. Where is the Mumbaikar spirit?

Every time there is a disaster or a terrorist attack, the spirit of Mumbai takes over. Where is the spirit now and why does it not come to the aid of people who have been targeted? Police, too, has been a mute spectator to the incident and did not do anything to save the people who were attacked.

The growing economy is placing a massive strain on community relations in every Indian city and making nonsense of India’s modern image. Be it in Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, locals complain that migrants are taking away their jobs and their facilities. Governments act swiftly to impose law and order otherwise India’s famous cosmopolitan urbanism will be revealed to the world, as nothing but a lie.

Gorilla Marketing

January 21, 2008

Cadbury acquires Gorilla Marketing for Dairy Milk promotion, take a quick look here:

How to make a catchy resume?

January 14, 2008

Going to represent yourself in an organization to prove your expertise. There are couple of questions considering them will really make a big difference in projecting the real you in front of any organizations.

  • Do you have enough information to showcase your expertise?
  • Is your information nicely formatted?
  • Are you filling the right information relevant to the job you are applying for?
  • Can you share your resume with your friends?

Your resume is not only a piece of paper having your educational qualification, and your interests and hobbies. It’s the medium which delivers information about you before you can elaborate on them; obviously when you are shortlisted for the personal interview.

Years long it has been a problem for the new intruders in the battle of getting a perfect job(whom we know as FRESHERS in the corporate-jungle).

Placing the right information in the right block has always been a trick to get to the job that you want or the suitable one for you. That is what we refer as formatting of the resume. So place the right information in the right block where it i needed.

Do you have the right resume in your hand before sending it to the organizations? Log onto CodeMunch and see the big difference.

Make Your Resume Social @ CodeMunch

January 12, 2008

Long while I have been thinking to give a new makeover to my resume to make it more catchy and relevant to the specifications that would define my expertise.

I logged in to CodeMunch and made my resume accordingly. It was easy as I did that in weekend while grabbing a cup of coffee. All it took was the information and rest it did all.

I also shared my resume with friends making it social. Now my resume is social. Check  my profile at CodeMunch.