Give your resume a new makeover, log onto CodeMunch.

September 27, 2007

We have been participating in so many social networking sites where we share loads of things like scribbling, writing on walls, sending teasers. It involves loads of fun, now the time has come to think about our future and career.

We recently released our one of the best product; CodeMunch. CodeMunch provides a platform to the new developers to do loads of things which will help them out in elaborating on their technical and social skills. Take a quick look here:

Create your profile
Now you can create profile on CodeMunch where you can list your personal information, information about your technology acquaintances, projects that you have worked on.

Mention your projects
List all the projects that you have worked on. Let everybody know about the cool projects that you handled.

Browse through fellow geek’s profile
Look who’s on CodeMunch and you can find someone of your interest, be-friend and share your knowledge with them. Rate them to increase their rapport on the social groups. Also gain ranks by receiving the ratings from your fellow geeks.

Give cool comments
“You liked my profile, give me cool comments”, yeah, now you can give cool comments to the profile which impressed you or the profile that you like.

There are more features that we will be rolling out in our next consecutive releases. To name few, they are:

  • Blog about your techno-skills, now let others know about your knowledge.
  • Participate in various quizzes and competitions to increase your rating.

There are loads of fun stuff down the road. Stay tuned, take a quick tour here.